I say, “no”

As I was driving to work this morning I was perusing my cloudy brain for what I was going to talk about today and the first thing that popped in my head was, I say, “no.”  Thank you Nicholas.  That is the perfect set up.  As parents we all have our own way of doing […]

Snotty Nose, Anyone?

Yay, it’s Friday!  What better day to talk about a snot sucker?  Yes,  I did say a snot sucker.  My pediatrician shared the greatness of this new contraption with me about a year ago and with the recent cold season it has come in handy.  It works.  I don’t feel like I am going to […]

Share the mint

I’m sure you have spent good money on herbs, used a bit of it and then thrown the rest out.  Typically because you put the leftover mint in the fridge and forget about it and then by the time you need it again it is beyond use. It happens to the best of us. A […]

From Generation to Generation

We all say that the generation behind us is so different and that what they are dealing with is so different. That they are not respectful and not appreciative and wild and crazy and on and on and on. Yes, every generation is different and the struggles are different because of new technology and a […]

Missing in action

Hello world.  I am back.  13 weeks ago I delivered a healthy, beautiful baby girl.  And every week since (let’s be honest…after about week 6, maybe 7) I have thought, I love my blog I need to get back at it and then another week went by.  Well, today is the day.  I am back […]

Take the products

A girl I work with recently came back from maternity leave and she was talking about all the baby products in the hospital room and a disagreement she had with her mom.  When I went into the hospital to have Nicholas several friends told me to take the diapers, pads, etc.  I felt a little […]

Don’t forget about you

We all lead busy lives and we tend to lose site of the small things that bring us great joy and help keep us grounded about what really matters.  Here goes. 1.   DATE NIGHT.  It is so important to have date night with your significant other.  It doesn’t have to be a huge production, just […]

Why is everyone Whining

I was talking to a friend yesterday about her toddler daughter and her constant whining.  As a parent, I can relate.  Nicholas whines too and we are now going through the steps: 1. We don’t understand what you are asking for when you whine, 2. Use your big boy words, and 3. Take away whatever […]

Groundhog Day

  We have officially completed the first month of this new year.  And  yes, I do feel that my life is completely flashing before my eyes.  For the love…today is my brother’s bday and he is 42.  Yes…42. How did that happen?  You are probably asking what does my brother have to do with Groundhog […]

Bubbles, Bubbles…

On My nose.  Bubbles, bubbles on my toes.  Bubbles, bubbles everywhere. Straight from Elmo’s book Bubbles, Bubbles. If you want easy and inexpensive entertainment for hours go with bubbles.  Every afternoon my son’s daycare turns on a small bubble machine and the kids love it.  We also went to a birthday party last Fall where […]