SIMPLE Goodie Bags

I think I can safely say that Valentine’s Day preparations are over for me.  It was fun and the kids will love it at school tomorrow, but geez…I’m tired.  So here is the low down on goodie bags. Here are the supplies you need: Clear plastic bags Ribbon Chex Mix (no peanuts in case of allergies) […]

Valentine’s Day Coupon Book

It’s the final countdown… Don’t fret, if you don’t have a Valentine’s Day gift yet.   I have another gift idea for you, a Valentine’s Day Coupon Book. The Coupon Book is so simple, adorable, can be personalized and it is FREE. You can give a coupon for a massage or a pass from doing […]

The Valentine’s Day Countdown

We have less than 48 hours until Valentine’s Day and many of us – let’s just say me for one – will wait until the last hour.  Here are some of my favorite things.  All simple and fabulous. Bubbly.  Not just any bubbly, but the bubbly from Iron Horse Vineyards.  Iron Horse is this fabulous […]

Repurpose packaging into wine gift bags

We purchased new bedding recently and it came in these fabulous bags.  I love them and have decided to repurpose them as wine gift bags.  I removed the label, but they could be used as is.  We also bought sheets at Target that came in larger fabric bags that would be great for wrapping a […]

Recycle…Every Little Bit Counts

I love recycling and being good to this little earth of ours. I’m not great at it, but I try. Here are a few easy ways I try to stay committed.  It is all about keeping it simple. As I go into this I have to throw my mom a bone.  She has recycled as […]

These are a few of our favorite things…

  I was working on a project and had some friends share with me some of their favorite small businesses in Dallas.  For most of them Dallas is home.  And if you are not in Dallas no worries, most of these places have an online presence.  Thank you technology! If you have a favorite not […]